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Taylormade M3 and M4 Launch

Its with excitement that we are able to offer pre-launch fittings for the M3 and M4 Range. We currently have all fitting irons in store now and am expecting the woods soon.

All iron models available including the awesome P790 irons, P770, MCGB and the Ladies Kalea model.

Fitting day is on the 26th of February at the Rotorua Golf Club. Bookings preferred to ensure you time with the fitter.

Contact Ant straight away to book in your pre-launch fitting or session on the fitting day. Email: ant@100percentgolf.com or phone 0272519937

Please read below for more details on our fitting  process.

Golf Club Fitting Equipment

We are different from any other location in NZ in regards to what we offer. We are located next to a fully stocked golf shop on a golf course making it a unique and the go to golf studio in New Zealand.

Please ready the steps we follow when we do a comprehensive fitting with any client.

STEP 1: Testing and Questions

Simple first step as we just ask the right questions as to what the client is looking for. The benefits he or she wants to achieve. Any injuries or tendencies holding them back.

We test their own/current clubs establishing a start point in regards to performance as at the end of the day, if a client does not get an increase in perfromance then whats the point in changing. Just an honest assessment.

The great thing is that this can now be done indoors at the studio any weather.

Key: The more we know about a golfer, the better the fit.

Testing of current golf equipment at golf studio
STEP 2: Head and Shaft Selection.

Through the testing we get information we can use for correct shaft seletcion. We are also able to talk about heads and the performance the client is after and expects. Scratch golfers like the smaller heads while general club golfers may not know what suits. We guide and suggest but not always do the general suited clubs come out on top. 

We sort a plan for shaft and head at this stage basd on the information gained from STEP 1.

Clubs and Shaft sectop for golf equipment
STEP 3: Length and Lie Tests

Through testing we have a general guide to start with testing for any client. We do a length test and a lie test involving tape on the face and sole of irons. After hitting shots we see any patters and adjust to suit.

If client is changing swing etc then we can fit to allow for any improvements.

Woods dont need any lie tests as we cant change these too much but suggested length is tested.

Golf Equipment lie tests and club length

STEP 4: Grip Fitting

Grips should fit a clients size hands and take into consideration their potential injuries or arthritus type symptoms.

Grips come in different sizes including standard, midsize and jumbo grips and can be adjusted to fit in between these sizes.

Golf Grip size for Golf Equipment.

STEP 5: Testing

We have by now a very good idea or correct fitting elements which are tested either indoor or outdoor or both to create or establish the best suited clubs for the client.

Normally one or two modesl stick out by this stage giving the client a great eveluation based on data and personal feel and performance.

Golf Equipment Testing
STEP 6: Set make Up and Confirmation

This is where we talk about which clubs will work.  How many irons, hybrid and wood mix. Multiple options are available but all are done to make sure a client does not have any gapping issues in their set.

This means that when they play they dont have a distance that they cannot hitr a shot easily to.

Golf Set including woods, irons and wedges.

STEP 7: Final Conclusions

Confirmed set make up, price and orderring of the set.

This is the exciting time when it all comes together.

Happy Golfer

Multiple shaft options and multiple brandsallowing us to find the right options for you.

FlightScope analysis. Test and compare clubs to find the correct one for you.

See the results for yourself.


Club fitting services are not new in New Zealand but certainly golf studio's are. The question was asked whats missing for us at 100% Golf Ltd and a studio that can be used for club fitting, coaching and simulator play grew as a way we can provide people with services never been done before in this area.

We have club fitted many happy clients through the  shop in the last four years. All outside, very dependant on the weather. Now we can club fit anyone in any weather in a very controlled environment.


We must be one of the few golf club based shops in New Zealand that have their own golf simulator. Rotorua Golf Club have been fantastic in supporting us in the development of this studio and adds a real modern touch to the club.  But one of the key elements we can do that others cant is fit indoors and then test clubs on the course after. Thats a real bonus with us. The other elemnt that we can do and others cant is allow clients to play on the simulator to test the clubs. So this means its not only smashing balls into screen but rather testing clubs while playing a few holes on the simulator.

Having a brand such as KZG is also a bonus in not only being able to supply the custom product but also using comprehensive fitting procedures to establish correct clubs for clients.






Wilson Staff




FlightScope Doplar Radar


We need approx an hour of your time to run through the fitting process deoending on how many clubs you wish to try and size of set. If you want just irons then this process can be quicker.


FREE if clubs bought from us. A fee can be charged if anyone intends to buy elsewhere just to cover my time. If fitting paid for and later clubs are bought then this fee will be taken of the price of the clubs.


Possible trade in on old drivers at realistic 2nd hand value.


Test your current driver against new models

-pay a normal lesson fee to test your current driver against others with my help.

Play 18 holes testing drivers as you play holes (simulator play)

-normal 18 hole simulator fee