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We at 100% Golf Ltd have had a Flight Scope X2 for close to one year and it was well worth the puchase. If you have not been fitted with one then please look closely as they are very accurate. Here is some information on why to use the FlightScope:

# Proven to be the most accurate 3D tracking radar It's easy to understand why the majority of PGA Professionals these days are using FlightScope. One word says it all - accuracy
Engineered to perfection At the heart of FlightScope lies state of the art advances in technology, pioneered by our seasoned engineers that have developed military tracking radars since 1989. Not only is FlightScope the world's first ever 3D phased array tracking radar for golf, but they are also considered the industry leader because they surpass the competition in all aspects.

To fit we need data that is accurate. The eye can only see so much so with the FlightScope we see 24 variables which we as humans cannot see. Once we hit a shot we see all club and path data as pictured on the right which both client and fitter can see. 

Through the FlightScope recordings we can see patterns occurring. For example if we are trying 5 different types of drivers we can see which is longest and most accurate with the graphic on the left. 

Data is presented on a summary page also that is perfect for the analysys if the numbers you produce. With careful study of these we can work out what product suits you best. Sometimes its so obvious making its very clear to the client that the club is right for them.

Michael Breed-"Golf Fix" Presenter

Having used launch monitors on both my teaching and club fitting for many years, I was astounded by the Flightscope launch monitor. The amount of information, the accuracy, the ease of use have enhanced the programs at our academy to a high degree.

There is a reason FlightScope is my launch monitor of choice. 

I've researched everything that's out there, and the features and accuracy that the X2 offers gives me the very best in launch monitor technology allowing my students to practice better towards their ultimate improvement.

There are other options on the market but I've been looking for the right fit not only in the product, but the people. I know I've found that with FlightScope, and I see us making huge advancements in the market and taking teaching to a whole new level in terms of online instruction in this new, technological era.

Myths You need to know

Lighter is not always better. When we fit a client we look at many options including club weight and swing weight that is matched to the individual. We look at the natural swing tempo, timing and rhythm of the client. If too light swing tempo can be effected creating more off center hits. Too heavy and the client will have to fight the feeling again creating off center hits. 

The more expensive, the better the club is.WRONG. Be very careful not to be sucked in by marketing from certain chain golf stores. Clubs are not cars so it doesnt quite work that way especially when the technology in mainstream companies like PING and Taylormade make the need for Titanium faced irons that we see in some japanese based companies like XX10 irrelavent. Modern clubs are cheaper and perform better.

Fitting into a nett is accurate. Debatable. All my fittings are done outside, on grass so the client gets a true effect of the club at impact. 

Flightscope fittings are only for better players.WRONG. All can benefit from a flightscope session as its great for establishing firstly the right shafts and clubs, but also to make sure your set has not distance errors. The numbers are there for the client to see plain and simple.